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 Conditioning FAQ






What does a “SEER” rating mean on an air conditioner?

The SEER Rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is an indicator of how efficient a air conditioning unit is. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the unit. This is also a good indicator of the operating cost, as a higher rated unit will be cheaper to run. For a new central air system to be considered “high efficiency” it needs to have a SEER rating of 12 or more.


On average, how long does an air conditioning system last?

Industry experts typically say that air conditioning systems will last anywhere from 10-20 years. Regular maintenance and proper care will help to extend your system’s lifespan significantly, which is why we suggest seasonal maintenance for your equipment.




Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?


​This depends on many factors, which is why we are happy to take a look at your system and discuss your options. We will never try to sell you new equipment if it makes sense to repair your current system. Replacement typically makes sense when the long term benefits and savings will outweigh the upfront costs of a new installation. New systems can be up to 60% more efficient than systems 10 years old, so monthly savings can oftentimes help a new system pay for itself.


How often should I change the filter on my air conditioner / furnace?

A good rule of thumb is to change your air conditioner filter every 2-3 months, but this will vary based on your equipment and type of filter. Keeping a clean filter can better your home’s air quality and bring down the cost of electricity bills, so be sure to ask your Home AC Repair technician about changing your air filter.

How much will a new heating or air conditioning system cost?


That will depend on many things including house size and square footage, what system(s) are currently in place, brand and type of equipment, etc. Home AC Repair has a full range of systems that we can customize for your home and your budget. Call us today to speak with our HVAC specialists too schedule a consultation for your home.


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