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The REME-HALO utilizes RGF’s patented REME ell technology with UV-C light to create a low level, airborne hydrogen peroxide throughout the air-conditioned space reducing airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold.

The REME-HALO in-duct air purifier actively neutralizes pollutants at the source ensuring 

excellent indoor air quality.

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Clean Comfort brand UC Series Ultraviolet Coil Purifiers work to inhibit the growth of microbes such as mold and bacteria on the evaporator coil of your heating and cooling system.


HALO-LED™ whole-home air purification system

The most important thing to get across about the REME-HALO is its proactive ability to kill germs and reduce odors in the conditioned space. These units don’t need the pollutants to travel through the ductwork to be neutralized. Every time your fan blows air it carries the purifying power of natures “Friendly Oxidizers” out into the conditioned space where the “Friendly Oxidizers” begin to attack the Bacteria, Virus, Mold Spores at the source and reduce odors in your home.

Take the human sneeze as an example. Germs come out with a sneeze at 100mph. With the
REME-HALO installed, 88% of the germs in a sneeze were neutralized before the germs could make it 3 feet.


A Smart way to Purify your Air

Smoke Odors
Cooking Odors
Pet Odors
Trash Odors
“Musty” or Stale Air smells
Paint odors
Chemical odors

In addition, RGF technology, because of its ability to kill bacteria and virus on surfaces and in the air, have been specified in the Norovirus/MRSA protection plan of America’s largest restaurant chains, hotel chains, theme parks, cruise lines, public schools and hospitals. Testing the guardian air has shown a 99% reduction of H1N1 virus on Stainless steel surfaces, 98% reduction of MRSA, a 99% reduction of Norwalk Virus, a 97% reduction of Mold Spores, even a 99+% reduction of SARS and Avian Flu.

Protect your environment

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The Smartest Choice to kill bacteria and virus on Your Home

Call Home AC Repair and make the smart move to REME-HALO today.

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